The Memory of Water project

Is a project based on water and its memory. Both our own and the memories of water in its journey through the water cycle and time. Water is collected and sealed into hand-blown glass pendants, fitted with silver findings to be worn as a precious jewel.

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The cycle of life

From my earlier installations of rain combining light with glass and water I decided to concentrate on smaller bespoke pieces to highlight the preciousness of water. What better way than to turn water drops into jewels.

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Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

The collection so far

Welsh wells and springs: St Non's well, St David's; Nine Wells; St Mauritus, Abernant.

London: Thames river; River Lea; Regents Canal; Clapton pond.

I can make bespoke pieces if you have a particular water you would like me to turn into a pendant or earrings.

Please contact me to discuss.


The light series

The wood series

The powerstations

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